About the course

The Department of Missions and the Centre for World Christianity cooperate to offer a PhD in Intercultural Studies (ICS).

The ICS PhD Programme offers degrees in three concentrations:
1.    Islamic Studies
2.    Missions Studies
3.    World Christianity.

The ICS PhD Programme comprises two phases:

(i) a seminar cycle, which lasts two academic years for a full-time student, and

(ii) a dissertation research and writing cycle, which normally lasts two years, and no more than five years.

Admission Requirements

The applicant must hold an MA or MDiv degree, or the equivalent, in a relevant discipline, from an academic institution recognized by the Commission for Higher Education of the government of Kenya, or by ACTEA or ICHE.

The MA or MDiv programme will normally have comprised at least two years of study.

Prerequisite courses
The MA or MDiv studies of all applicants to the ICS PhD Programme must
normally have included at least the following:
(i)    12 quarter credits (or the equivalent) in biblical studies, of which at least 3 quarter credits are in Old Testament studies and 3 quarter credits are in New Testament studies;
(ii)    9 quarter credits (or the equivalent) in theology in church history, including at least one course in African church history
(iii)    9 quarter credits (or the equivalent) in missiology or missions studies.

Additional requirements may apply to individual concentrations.

Applicants lacking any of these requirements must normally remove the deficiency prior to admission to the programme.

The ICS Programme Committee may waive some of these requirements in exceptional circumstances.

In some cases students with only a few prerequisite credits lacking may be permitted to take the required MA level courses during their first year after admission to the ICS programme.

Grade point average of MA-level work
The applicant’s cumulative grade point average for prior graduate level academic work must be 3.3 or higher on a 4-point scale.

Applicants whose previous university studies have not been conducted in English must present evidence of proficiency in English.

This evidence may be a TOEFL score of at least 600 (paper version) or the equivalent: TOEFL CBT (computer version): 250; TOEFL IBT (internet version): 100; IELTS: 8; or
Cambridge Exam: CPE.

Research languages
Applicants must present evidence of competence in at least one language in addition to English. This may be any of the following:
(i)    A language to be used for field research (typically an African language)
(ii)    A language in which there is significant literature which is relevant to the research topic of the applicant
(iii)    A biblical language. For the World Christianity concentration, the applicant must obtain the approval of the Concentration Coordinator regarding the research language.


All ICS PhD students must take the following common set of six seminars for a total of 18 credit hours: Draft Doctoral Studies Student Handbook, August 2011, page 29
(i) Key Concepts in World Christianity (3 credits)
(ii) Intercultural Studies Research Methods #1 (3 credits)
(iii) Intercultural Studies Research Methods #2 (3 credits)
(iv)  Contemporary Issues in Studying Cultures (3 credits)
(v) Theological Trends in Africa (3 credits)
(vi)  Encounters between Christianity and Religions (3 credits)

Concentration seminars
In addition to the required common seminars, ICS PhD students must take 4 seminar courses in their concentration, for a total of 12 credit hours.

Elective seminar
ICS PhD students must also take a further elective seminar for 3 credits which will normally be from a concentration other than their own. This requirement may also be fulfilled by taking a course in an institution other than AIU.

Mode of delivery

PhD students are expected to attend all seminars in which they are enrolled unless prior permission to be absent has been obtained from the seminar instructor.

While taking a seminar, a student is guaranteed access to the instructor for discussion of the student’s research.

Fees Structure

Total tuition 126,000
Admin Charges 16,525
Total tuition fee per semester 142,525
Total per Year 427,575

How to apply

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