About the Course

The Postgraduate Diploma in Theology program is a one-year programme requiring 30 credit hours of course work to graduate.

The programme seeks to give students sound evangelical postgraduate level theological education within the African context to prepare students for ministry in the Church, Para-church organisations, and teaching Christian religious education in lower level educational institutions.

The programme seeks to lay foundation for the Christian faith and aims at preparing and providing foundational theological knowledge, competencies, and skills to enable the student to be an effective minister and teacher of the Christian faith.

At the end of the course of study in the Postgraduate Diploma in Theology program, a student would have acquired competencies, knowledge, and skills to:
1.    Gained some knowledge, understanding and philosophical orientation to the field theological studies
2.    Value and appreciate the need to do contextual theology to address the deep cultural, social, economic, and political rooted questions facing African Christians.
3.    Developed critical thinking and research skills to conduct research in theological, biblical and ministerial studies
4.    Acquire some biblical, ministerial skills or orientation for ministry
5.    Apply the knowledge, competencies and skills gained in the programme to address the theological questions, heresies, and the new theologies confronting African societies and the Church

Admission Requirements

  • Recognized Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, or second class lower division, or its equivalent
  • Applicants with accredited bachelor’s degree and a grade point average of 2.0 may be given a provisional admission and must obtain a GPA of 2.5during their first 10 credit hours of study.
  • Provisional admission status shall be lifted after a student has completed 10 credit hours with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. A provisional admitted  student shall be limited to no more than 10 credit hours during the first term and subject to academic dismissal if his or her GPA falls below 2.50 at 10credits.


Course Category Credit Hours Required
Theology Courses (6) 16
Pastoral Courses (1) 3
Missions (1) 3
Biblical Studies (2) 6
Educational Studies (1) 2
Total 30

Mode of delivery

The Postgraduate Diploma in Theology is a 1-year programme. It will use a variety of delivery modes- face-to-face learning, lectures, discussions, seminars, distance learning through our extension sites that is face-to-face, and in future e-learning.

Fee structure

Full Time

Tuition Fees 65,400
Admin Charges 15,525
Total Tuition Fees 80,925
Total per Year 242,775
Total for Programme 485,550

Part Time

Tuition Fees 43,600
Admin Charges 15,525
Total Tuition Fees 59,125
Total per Year 177,375
Total for Programme 532,125

How to apply

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You can find out more by calling 020 2603663 or Our hotline number:0715 247 540