About the course

The specialization builds up the competencies of individuals who desire to lead and administer education programmes in diverse institutional contexts. 

The programme is committed to providing quality education and instruction to leaders in the field of education that will fully equip them to face emerging leadership and administrative challenges.

Students are empowered to use strategies that will make them become advocates of change and for training other educators in a mentoring relationship (2 Tim. 2:2).

Students who complete the course of study should be able to
1.    Demonstrate ability to develop, articulate, implement and nurture a shared vision
2.    Demonstrate spiritual and personal growth throughout the programme
3.    Demonstrate familiarity with the professional role and functions of the educational leader and administrator within the appropriate legal framework of the profession and within Christian ethical frameworks
4.    Demonstrate competence in nurturing and sustaining the culture of a learning environment that creates a Christlike community for student learning and professional staff development
5.    Demonstrate the ability to manage the organization, its operations and resources for a safe, effective and efficient learning environment
6.    Integrate faith and learning into a personal philosophy of leadership that would inform their professional practices
7.    Understand, respond to and influence the political, economic, social and cultural context of school and society
8.    Utilize appropriate research and educational theories  in leadership and adminstration of eduction
9.    Demonstrate evidence of continuing commitment to professional development
10.    Provide moral and ethical leadership in school settings and in leading a curriculum team
11.    Appreciate an inclusive working environment by celebrating the diversity of students, professional and nonprofessional staffs

Admission requirements

Needs a recognized Bachelors Degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or second
Class upper division or GPA of 2.75-2.99 or second class lower Division accompanied by minimum of two years working/ministry experience.

Mode of delivery

-    September, January and May, for fulltime option.
-    August, December and April, for part- time/school based option.

Fee structure


Tuition  per Term 65,400
Admin Charges 15,525
Total Tuition per term 80,925
Total per Year 242,775
Total for Programme 485,550

Part Time/School Based

Tuition  per Term 43,600
Admin Charges 15,525
Total Tuition per term 59,125
Total per Year 177,375
 Total for Programme  532,125


How to apply

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