The Education department affirms the mission, vision and training philosophy of AIU in its commitment to scholarship,  research, teaching, faithfulness to the evangelical faith and tradition, and its desire to produce men and women who can transform the landscape of education in Africa and beyond within a Christian framework. In a rapidly expanding field students should be able, at the appropriate levels, to understand and critique the broader issues and policies  that inform and affect educational research, planning and implementation in various contexts with the view of transforming those contexts according to the missional agenda of God. The departmnet  affirms the vision, mission, commitment and objectives of the School of Professional Studies (SPS) in the endeavor to bring Christian influence to bear on the education profession. To achieve these, the department:

1.    Prepares professionals and practitioners at various levels fof leadership roles in education by developing and implementing excellent, dynamic and relevant programs for diverse contexts

2.    Strives to understandand  inform  educational practice by improving the conditions of learning and teaching across the lifespan and by engaging in holistic, rigourous research that addresses the needs and problems in the practice of education

3.    Strives to foster and provide cross-departmental and cross-university  dialogue on research, teaching and learning that will lead to improving teaching at AIU and beyond

4.    Seeks to connect theory and practice in partnerships with other schools and the community at large, through engaging with various educational enterprises of the Church and society

5.    Provides a scholarly community for students, faculty and staff for continuous professional development

The department offers graduate specializations in four areas: Curriculum and Instruction; Leadership and Administration; Child Development and Family Studies; and Church Education

On the basis of the programme philosophy, the graduate programme in education seeks to
a.    Help students to integrate faith and learning.
b.    Guide students into understanding the theological, philosophical and sociological foundations of education and to integrate such understanding in making transformative and Christ-centered educational decisions in diverse learning contexts
c.    Enable students to develop moral and ethical leadership styles within a Judeo-Christian framework.
d.    Encourage students to make a continuing commitment to on-going professional development and research
e.    Develop in students a Christ-centered worldview that nourishes the skills and attitudes required to pursue and use knowledge in relevant and transformative ways
f.    Mentor students according to 2 Timothy 2:2.
g.    Develop critical and reflective practitioners in the various specializations with the view of innovating practice and thought
h.    Help students to evidence growth in Christian character for faithful service to the church, society through their various specializations