About the course

The objective of the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree program is to provide an interactive educational experience which results in qualitative change in the leader’s life, relationships, and leadership practices.

It focuses on the specific needs and issues facing Christian leaders in organizations serving in Africa.  
Some topics addressed by the MA Program are:
•    Servant leadership,
•    Wise stewardship of human resources,
•    Financial management,
•    Assessment of the cultural and economic realities of the region where the leader serves.
•    Strategic management in a world that is in constant change.

Admission requirements

•    Recognized Bachelors degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0
•    Post Bachelors Leadership Experience.


Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Core Course LEAD 511 Leadership: Making Human Strength Productive Core Course LEAD 521: Strategic Planning
Core Course
Core Course LEAD 522: Teaching and Learning for
Core Course LEAD 533 : Introduction to Research Methodology
Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4
Core Course LEAD 541: Spiritual Formation
Core Course
Core Course LEAD 531: Integrity and Financial Management
Core Course LEAD 532: Women in Leadership and Gender Issues Core Course LEAD 652: Ethics for Decision Making
Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6
Core Course LEAD 523: Mentoring Core Core Course LEAD 651: Development and Social Change
Additional Courses
(choose one)

LEAD 662: Culture, Ethnicity and

LEAD 542: Conflict Management and Resolution

(choose one)

LEAD 653: Fundraising

LEAD 512: Partnerships

Research Project LEAD 670: Field Research Project and Thesis

Mode of delivery

This program will be comprised of part-time students who currently work with an organization. Students will complete the program based on a cohort learning model as follows:-
•    Students will attend a one week residency 2 times per year.
•    All courses are conducted using the appropriate distance education curricular formats. Methods will include; course workbooks, readers and other additional material. Dialogue with faculty/ mentors will occur by a various means (including interactive teaching, e-mail, telephone and fax).
•    Faculty/ Mentors are responsible for coaching and facilitating the dialogue with their cohort group, both individually and collectively, during each course period. Students have practical projects where they apply course content to their current leadership role, and teach it to others. Written assignments are also required.

Fee structure

Tuition fee 56,000
Admin Charges 15,525
Total tuition Fees 71,525
Total per year 143,050

How to apply

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