About the course

The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship programme is developed in recognition of the critical importance of an interdisciplinary, faith-based and global perspective for business professionals in Africa.

Basically, the programme provides knowledge and skills for intermediate level competence in entrepreneurship.  The programme begins to set on course the career of the student and further builds him or her for rigorous postgraduate study.

The program will prepare students to:

1.    Maintain high levels of integrity and trust within business and cooperate systems as they generate, sustain and manage business.
2.    Build strong biblical and theological foundation for innovation and creativity as they create jobs in the global environment of relativism and pluralism.
3.    Utilize appropriate technical knowledge and skills (hard, soft and reinforcing) required to perform in business and corporate systems.
4.     Demonstrate sensitivity to the environment and family in the creation and management of wealth.
5.    Be informed by both historical and contemporary trends in making decisions in both business and cooperate systems.
6.    Do business as a mission and vocation.
7.    Continue learning and expanding their knowledge, skills and abilities.
8.    Implement innovative business strategies for their business; and,
9.    Demonstrate personal qualities like self-confidence, integrity, honesty, sociability and a sense of commitment.

Admission Requirements

Notwithstanding the regular admissions requirements of the university, eligible candidates for admission into the Entrepreneurship programme should have obtained at least one of the following

a.    Mean grade of C+ (plus) with at least a C (plain) in English
b.    Advance level certificate with two principal passes and a credit pass in  English
c.    A Diploma or Degree in a related field to Entrepreneurship with a mean grade of C (plain) at KCSE

Provisional admission will be granted to the following categories of students with
a.    A minimum of grade C- in KCSE or its equivalent plus a One Year Diploma from a recognised post-secondary tertiary college. Admission will be granted at the first year   
b.    A minimum of grade D+ in KCSE or its equivalent plus a Six Month’s Bridging Certificate and a One Year Diploma from a recognised post-secondary tertiary college


Course Category Credit Hours Required
University Courses 30
Core Courses 35
Programme Courses 55
Elective 15
Other Courses 12
Total 147

Mode of delivery

Synchronous contacts between lecturers and students will be the primary mode of delivery. Such contacts will be done on the main university campus or its extension sites. Notwithstanding, depending on the advances the Institution will make in ICT, a mixed synchronous and asynchronous modes of delivery is envisaged.

Notwithstanding, internships, seminars, research and preps in business plan development will constitute the modes of content delivery.

Fee structure

Tuition per Term 50,400
Admin Charges 13,525
Total Tuition per Term 63,925
Total per Year 191,775
Total for Programme 767,100

How to apply

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