About the course

The Bachelor of Arts, Education program is intended to equip learners with competencies to handle teaching and manage learning of their specialty (ECD, Primary education, or Secondary education programs), in the Arts subjects, namely Geography, History, Social Studies, Business Education, Literature, English, Kiswahili and Christian Religious Education. This programme will comprise of courses worth 174 credit hours. Teaching practice and subject methods courses are required.

This programme aims at producing graduates with:

  •     A solid grounding in the principles and practice of education  
  •     A comprehension of relevant educational theories and practices
  •     An understanding of modern pedagogical techniques
  •     A demonstrable understanding of the Arts subjects
  •     Competencies to teach Arts subjects at ECD, Primary or Secondary school levels
  •     The ability to plan, organize and implement educational policies

Admission requirements

Candidates to be admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education (ECE) should satisfy any of the following admission requirements:

  •    Minimum of C+ (C Plus) in KCSE or equivalent. Applicants with ECD certificate and teaching experience will have an added advantage.


  •    C (Plain) in KCSE or equivalent, with ECDE Diploma from ECDE training College and two years relevant experience.


  •    C (Plain) in KCSE or equivalent, with a P 1 certificate and at least two years of relevant experience.


  •     C- (C minus) or equivalent, with at least credit II pass in Early Childhood Diploma from a recognized institution and at least two years of relevant experience.


  •     Mature applicants who have Diploma pass at Credit II and above in ECDE from a recognized institution with at least two years experience. These may be considered for credit waiver to begin at second year of study.


  •     University Common Courses (27 hours Required)
  •     Professional Education Courses (60 hours Required)
  •     Teaching Methodology  (6 hours Required)

    Emphasis Courses (ECDE Subject Courses/ Primary Teacher Education Courses, Secondary Teacher Education Courses) (81 hours required)

  • While ECED requires all subject areas, primary and secondary education options allow specialization. These include any two subjects/combination in the following:
  • B. Ed – Primary Teacher Education (PTE) option (Social Studies/CRE; English/Kiswahili; Math/ICT) or any two combinations from the listed subjects.
  • B. Ed – Secondary Teacher Education (STE) option (English/Lit; Business Studies/ICT; History/CRE; Math/Geography) or any two combinations from the listed subjects.

Mode of delivery

  • The complete programme is the equivalent of four (4) academic years, each year comprising three trimesters on a full-time mode of study. Each trimester is 12 weeks long, comprising 10 teaching weeks and two weeks of examination preparation and writing.
  • However, the course can be offered using various modes of offering such as holiday/school based; evening and weekends. Duration depends on the pace determine by each cohort. Fast paced cohorts can complete in three years. Students who join as diploma holders in education can take 2 years.

Fee structure

Tuition per Term 42,000
Admin Charges 13,525
Total Tuition fee per Term 55,525
Total per Year 166,575
Total per Programme 666,300

How to apply

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