About the Course

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) is a professional program of study offered to those who intend to teach or administer diverse educational programs but have not gone through the required professional training in education. It is a one-year equivalent course of study for those who already hold a tertiary degree. It provides an in-depth exploration of topics and competencies that are required for teachers in diverse educational environments. The program will help the participants to critically plan, design and implement educational programs that cater for diverse learning preferences and contexts.

Students who complete the PGDE should be able to

1.    Put together an educational program plan in accordance with the requirements of educational institution
2.    Prepare and implement daily lessons in accordance with sound educational principles
3.    Organize appropriate opportunities and environments that engage and challenge the students intellectually
4.    Understand the diverse background students come from, their strengths, weakness and areas of interest, and utilize such understanding in course design and implementation
5.    Plan, set and evaluate student tests, exams and assignment as appropriate to the methods and contents appropriate to two teaching subjects  areas
6.    Use digital technology, computer media, related technology and other resources in the learning environment
7.    Provide educational leadership in diverse contexts in the learning environment

Admission Requirements

•    Recognized Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, or second class lower division, or its equivalent
•    Applicants with accredited bachelor’s degree and a grade point average of 2.0 may be given a provisional admission and must obtain a GPA of 2.5during their first 10 credit hours of study. Provisional admission status shall be lifted after a student has completed 10 credit hours with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. A provisional admitted  student shall be limited to no more than 10 credit hours during the first term and subject to academic dismissal if his or her GPA falls below 2.50 at 10credits.


History and Philosophical Foundations of Edu

Psychological Foundations 3
Sociological Foundations 3

Educational Evaluation and Assessment

Subject Area Methods 3
Curriculum Studies 3
Educational Administration 3
Ethics in Teaching 3
Practicum (Internship) 3
Total 28
Electives (EDS) 8
Total Hours 36

Mode of Delivery

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education is a 1-year programme. It will use a variety of delivery modes- face-to-face learning, lectures, discussions, seminars, distance learning through our extension sites that is face-to-face, and in future e-learning.

Fee Structure

Full Time

Tuition Fees 65,400
Admin Charges 15,525
Total Tuition Fees 80,925
Total per Year 242,775
Total for Programme 485,550

Part Time

Tuition Fees 43,600
Admin Charges 15,525
Total Tuition Fees 59,125
Total per Year 177,375
Total for Programme 532,125

How to apply

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